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Issue #38: New RDS Performance Insights, Restricting Access to Metadata, New CPU-Intensive Instances, and more!


Hey all, and welcome to Issue #38 of This Week in AWS Data! This newsletter is meant to help people stay up to date with everything that is going on in the AWS Data space, including technologies, updates, and resources that have to do with Data Science, Data Engineering, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

Let's take a look at the resources that touch on these topics for this week:


Updates from the AWS Blog (Oct. 22nd to 28th)

Significant updates:

  • Storage Security RDS’ whole console got a UI refresh, in keeping with some of the new UI that other services have rolled out. It’s easier to use, and also comes with a few neat features: I recommend that you check out RDS recommendations — based on your usage patterns, it’ll recommend certain actions (upgrades, turning on encryption, etc.), and guide you through implementing these recommendations.
  • Storage Also from the RDS team, we now have an update to M-type instances (that's CPU-intensive, in case you've forgotten your AWS alphabet soup). Go ahead and your M4 instances to M5 instances, since they should give you more bang for your buck.
  • Storage Analytics Want to get more info about your query load and how it is affecting your DB instances? You can now get Performance Insights for MySQL instances, and figure out what exactly is causing performance bottlenecks
  • General While not directly related to one of the AWS data services we usually focus on, you should know about the upcoming AWS Region in South Africa. It won’t be available until 2020, but you can start making plans to include resources there as part of your data-related architecture.

Other updates:

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