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Issue #3: Monitoring Amazon Athena and ElasticSearch, Introducing Real-Time Insights, and more!


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Let's dive into the resources for this week!


Updates from the AWS Blog (Feb. 19th to 25th, 2018)

Significant updates:

  • Analytics The AWS Big Data Blog summarized all of the updates and features that were added to Amazon Redshift in the last year. Get a high-level overview of these changes in the In-Depth Dive: Redshift 2017 Recap.
  • Serverless AWS released a serverless application repository with a set of starter application templates that let you quickly build out a number of serverless applications. Not everything here is data-related, of course, but there are a number of apps that are likely of interest to newsletter readers: for instance, try looking up apps related to `machine learning` or `kinesis` to get started.

Other updates:

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